Hi, I'm Karel and I'll learn you how to control me and my world manually and how write a program.

Swipe up or down to continue reading or tap outside this window to hide the tutorial. Tap to open it again.

Tap the cell in the same row or column I'm standing on to make me move to that cell. Swipe to make me make a turn or a single step in particular direction.
Remember that if there are bricks on the cell I'm standing on or moving to I can't step more than one level up or down.

Tap or another button with coloured brick to make me put a brick. The buttons are disabled if there is 9 bricks laid on the cell already. You can choose gray, red, green, blue or transparent colour.
Tap to make me pick a brick. The button is disabled if there is no brick laid on the cell. If there is no beeper (the yellow mark) laid on the cell you can tap to make me put the beeper. If there is one, you can tap to make me pick the beeper. Tap twice to clean the world and move me back to the center.

Tap to unlock the code of your program for editing and tap to lock it again.
Tap to add the procedure and then replace default NewProcedure with the name of your choice.
Tap or to add or remove the command. Reorder the commands in the procedure body by dragging them up and down. Tap to return to the procedure list.

Tap to record what I am doing into procedure body and to stop recording. Tap to execute the procedure and to stop it.

Tap to send my world image and the procedures to your friends by e-mail.

version 2.0.7 (March 10th, 2014)